Dancing Digger Loves THREE big 2011 Visitors this Weekend

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
dancingdigger Lots of notes, so lets get it going: --- Patrick Patterson was part of the Senior Day Press Conference and said he is going through the ceremonies "in case" he decides to go into the Draft, a decision he will make at a later date. Some national folks have already complained about this (guess who), but as I have said before, it makes sense to me. --- Perry Stevenson also had a quote that goes down in the books as he talked about playing for three coaches, Tubby, Clyde and Calipari. He said that if a coach was combined with those three, they would be "Funny, intense, a little crazy. I'll leave that to you to decided what goes with whom." Very nice. --- Calipari also said that all the Seniors will start on Sunday. --- Enes Kanter is scheduled to visit for the Florida game this weekend. It is looking more and more like the Turkish big man could be UK bound and if news breaks this weekend, it may very well be about him. --- As for the other two visitors, both Selby and Teague's visits are up in the air and will be the proverbial "game-time" decisions. Both have now cancelled a couple of different times, which must be frustrating. --- Two 2011 recruits are scheduled to be visiting as well, Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello, according to Jody Demling. --- Just spoke with Evan Daniels who tells me that Michael Gilchrist will be on campus as well this weekend. --- Finally, the "One Blogging Moment" CBS Conference Tournament Blog is now live. There is some good stuff from KSR folks there including: Intern on where Cliff Ellis currently is My Preview of the Day Tomlin with FAQ on the MAAC (HILARIOUS) Beisner on the Atlantic Sun Wackiness Even if you dont care about the conferences, the writing is good and you will be entertained. More on Florida as the day goes on....

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