Danville Woman Sues AT&T for Stealing Naked Pictures

Danville Woman Sues AT&T for Stealing Naked Pictures

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att A Danville woman is alleging an AT&T employee stole nude photos from her phone, sparking a criminal investigation and a civil suit. It started back in 2014.  The 19-year old asked the Danville AT&T store employee, Travis Applegate, to fix her phone.  The solution was simple.  From LEX18:
"He stated we are going to replace your phone. She actually said, actually can I get my phone back? To delete data what's on there. He said don't worry about it, we do it," said Caldwell. According to the lawsuit, Applegate guaranteed he would personally delete all of the data from the phone. However, lawyers say Applegate ended up saving some of the photos from the device for himself. The information came to light after he befriended the victim, through a mutual friend, in 2015.
She initially thought he might have three or four.  Her attorney said when the Danville police got involved, they actually discovered 78 naked or half-naked photos.  The lawsuit concludes with an alleged confession from Applegate: "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm in the wrong. When I did that, I didn't know you." [LEX18]

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