Darren McFadden is Joining Elite Company
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Darren McFadden is Joining Elite Company

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones


If you have been watching the NFL Combine this week (and I know you have), then you likely have been very impressed with the work of one Darren McFadden, who has been taking the league by storm. His 4.27 in the 40 had the scouts buzzing and may have made him into a Top 3 pick. But speed is not the only area in which McFadden is beginning to make himself into a professional. Having not yet entered the NFL or gotten past the age of 21, Darren has still been impressing in his race to supplant Calvin Murphy as professional sports’ leader in illegitimate children. He is reported to have three kids already, and he hasnt even taken an NFL paycheck…quite a start indeed.

Aww yes, nothing says professional sports like athletes having children out of wedlock. Because nearly every athlete has at some point had some relationship with a woman that is not his wife and has had a kid in the process, it takes a special degree of chutzpah to stand out in this category. But the folks at FanIQ.com have composed a list of the worst deadbeat dads in the history of professional sports. And the list is fascinating in its detail. For instance, who knew that Ricky Williams and Willis McGahee both had 3 such children? And did you expect that Jason Caffey would have 7??? Below are the top 10 offenders, and you may be shocked by the results.


1. Calvin Murphy — The undisputed leader in the clubhouse and the most likely to never be caught. 14 children by 9 different women….no one since George Washington has had a greater claim to being the “Father of our Country.”


2. Travis Henry — Nine kids by nine different women. Add to that a pending drug charge and you have an individual who stands as a beacon to all as to how not live one’s life.


3. Willie Anderson — Former San Antonio Spur with 9 kids…..hard to believe he is now known more for his progeny than his play, but hey Willie, I do have your rookie card.


4. Evander Holyfield — Boxing champ known for his past greatness, his current difficulty speaking and his future lack of an ear. 9 kids…and counting….but at least he is a minister.


5. Jason Caffey Former Alabama great and NBA stiff, Caffey is mighty prolific with the ladies. 8 kids by 7 women….each of whom realize that not only is their daddy a skeezer but he is also a stiff.

6. Shawn Kemp — 7 by 6 women
7. Derrick Thomas — 7 by 5 women and he unfortunately passed away at 33.
8. Ray Lewis — 6 by 4 women and a former murder charge
9. Marshall Faulk — 6 by 3 women….guess that is why he went to the NFL Network
10. Larry Johnson — 5 by 4 women….who knew that Grand-Ma-Ma would act this way.

So ladies, the lesson here is to stay away from these guys….most are now washed up and all have a past….so when Ray Lewis comes knockin, head in the other direction….

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