Darryl Hicks' Visit Went Well Too

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The forgotten man during this weekend's festivities was freshman (that's why) Darryl Hicks of Shelby County. Don't worry though Darryl, I'm sure the Rupp crowd will be chanting your name in the future, as soon as the upperclassmen quit giving you wedgies and stealing your spotlight. Hicks visit went quite well. The family got to meet the assistant coaches and, according to a source, they were also extremely pleased to see the packed house in Rupp. I texted briefly with Darryl Hicks Sr. this morning, who said of the visit, "We had a great and I do mean great time at the same Saturday." That news caps off a very successful weekend for a UK coaching staff that was able to put smiles on the faces of a top prospect in the 2010, 2011 and 2013 class. They also slipped past Georgia and got to #1 in Mr. Parrish's poll. Way to go guys. *Above is some highlight footage that I took of Darryl during a tournament hosted by Shelby County and the King of the Bluegrass tournament at Fairdale. The boy can score from anywhere and you have to love the Ron Mercer-esque turn around in the middle of the film. Here's to hoping he can bring a little bit of Mercer back to Rupp. Notes:

- Chris Hill had another monster game over the weekend, scoring 49 with 20 rebounds during his team's victory. Hill also had 28 points and 13 boards while leading his team over nationally ranked Rise Academy. The kid is a scorer no doubt. I spoke with Hill recently and I hope to have that interview up on Wednesday, along with a few other stats from his recent play.

- Multiple reports have Josh Selby considering UConn again. If you'll remember, he eliminated UConn earlier in the fall. I've said this before but I hope you realize that Selby and his mother are going to fully consider all opportunities that he has this go around, especially after feeling like they didn't fully do so during their first trip through the recruiting process. Both Selby and Doron Lamb visited Arizona over the weekend and I'm sure we'll have more on that visit down the road a bit.

- I'm sure you heard all the positives coming from Quincy Miller's visit this weekend, including the roars of cheers that he walked out of the stadium to, the UK gear that he wore, the cheering he did, and the high fives he received all the way up his exit row. Anthony Wireman spoke to his coach yesterday and got a couple nice cap off quotes.

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