Dave Telep gives Kentucky a 20-percent chance

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wiggins-sign What's that? You want more Andrew Wiggins predictions? We can do that. Over at ESPN.com, recruiting expert Dave Telep handicapped the recruiting race for Wiggins in his latest blog post. Telep gave each team a percentage chance for winning Wiggins' services and then explained why he would or wouldn't pick each school. Kentucky? Telep gave the Wildcats a 20-percent chance because of chemistry concerns. He wrote, "In my opinion, it didn’t appear the UK recruits went hard to recruit Wiggins -- and if there was a bond formed, it was top secret and behind the scenes. When you have this many good players already coming, it takes a special group to open its arms and welcome in another top player. I haven’t seen that in my travels." Florida State is the favorite, according to Telep, at 35-percent, ahead of Kansas at 25 and North Carolina joining Kentucky at 20-percent.

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