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ed5e2397c52f928ba3a91f3d8944d0fc You're welcome, ladies. I don't know enough about Dick Trickle to write a worthy tribute (for a brief moment on Thursday, I was really confused as to why everyone was talking about the character from "Days of Thunder"), nor do I watch "The Office," so if you're upset David Beckham got the night post nod, feel free to move on. All that being said, some less tragic but also depressing news came out on Thursday: David Beckham is retiring from soccer. At age 38, Beckham has been playing professional soccer--err, football--for the past 20 years, and became the international face the sport so desperately needed. (And what a beautiful face that is...more on that later.) In 20 years, Beckham played in 800 games, 10 league championships and participated in three World Cups. He helped spark an American interest in the sport by playing for the LA Galaxy for five and a half years, and will end his career playing for Paris Saint-Germain. Beckham's skills on the field are undeniable, but he may be more famous for what he does off of it. Beckham is undeniably handsome, and has turned his good looks into a career of their own, modeling for various designer labels and making women (and men) around the country weak with a simple, smoldering stare. Add in his marriage to Victoria Beckhama, aka Posh Spice, and you've got a full blown fashion icon. At this point, the two can't walk down the street without making the world jealous. Even their kids are cute. David Beckham's only flaw? His unnaturally high voice. If he weren't so gorgeous, I bet David wishes he had a "huskier tone," as Jerry Tipton would say. That's okay ladies, that's what mute buttons are for, right? Guys: take heart. David Beckham wasn't always so attractive. Check out this picture of him from his first season with Manchester United: c21c5ee1-8fa2-4a1f-a3ba-988363a9608d_1204336 Calipari's got his swag back John Calipari called in to Kentucky Sports Radio on Thursday morning, and for the first twenty minutes, basically repeated his comments from Wednesday about what went wrong last year and what we've got to look forward to. Wonder why Cal stuck with Ryan Harrow so long? He said that when it comes down to it, he's always going to "err on the side of the kid." Cal admitted that he probably gave Harrow too many opportunities to succeed, but that's because he refused to throw him under the bus. In retrospect, he thinks he should have gone with Archie Goodwin at point guard earlier, but you know what they say about hindsight. As for next year? Cal echoed his comments from his summer press conference that Julius Randle and Andrew Harrison are alpha males that will lead the team, and that Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee, James Young, and the rest of the freshman have the potential and toughness to be special. It was clear throughout the interview that Calipari is back in fighting form, and for lack of a better term, has his swagger back. When talking about how he's appealed to the NCAA for years to make changes to the block/charge rules, he even threw in a friendly jab at Matt ("when I was at Memphis, you were killing me!"), but he really got rolling when asked about Louisville. Without even saying the "P" word, Cal got in a subtle dig at the coach down the road by saying he wouldn't "tell a guy to come back so he can learn a new position," like Rick did with Russ Smith. As for Louisville winning the national title? "The good news for our program is, we won one first!" Cal roared, falling into a fit of laughter. You know Cal's feeling good when he starts attacking the NCAA. For years, he's criticized the institution for its asinine rules, and on Tuesday, said that something's gotta give, or it's time to separate:
"Can we continue to do this with these rules the way they are? I'm the one guy out there saying, 'We've gotta change this somehow. We've gotta encourage these kids to stay two years.' But the NCAA's gotta do some stuff, and if they don't do it, we need to separate from them. I'm not afraid to say it. Look, they've embarrassed me. I've done nothing, so they're not going to come and show retribution to me and do stuff. I don't really care. But something's gotta change with this one-and-done rule. I seem to be the only coach saying anything. You know why? No one wants to see these kids two years here (at Kentucky). They don't want to see them for two years, so now we're all good with one year. It's wrong for high school kids, it's wrong for college kids, it's wrong for the NBA, so why won't we come together and do something about it?"
Cal's remarks made national news, and while the one-and-done rule is technically an NBA rule, what's to say the league and the NCAA can't come together to find a better solution? Based on his comments today, don't expect Cal to come down from his pulpit until they do. My favorite part of the interview? Cal admitted that he rides a yellow Vespa scooter around Lexington sometimes. I now have a mental image to tide me over until Big Blue Madness. Welcome back, Coach. Archie goes to the NBA Combine Archie Goodwin showed off his skills at the NBA Combine on Thursday and sadly, didn't seem to impress many people. According to the media in attendance, Archie struggled with his shot, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who watched last season. However, as Coach Cal said during his time on the radio show, Archie is still very young. In fact, he's the youngest player in the draft. Cal also said that three teams have called him about Archie, and love him despite the fact that because of his youth, he's essentially a high school player who doesn't have a defined position yet. Make them eat they feet, Archie. Morgan Netwon gets another chance Six months ago, did anyone think that Morgan Newton would be in the NFL? Instead of giving up on his dream and pursuing life outside of football, Newton made a decision he should have years ago: switch to tight end. The results speak for themselves: Newton signed a free-agent contract with the New York Giants on Thursday for a trial run at the tight end position after impressing the staff at a rookie camp last week. He becomes the fifth player from the 2012 senior class to sign with an NFL team, joining offensive guard Larry Warford (Detroit), defensive back Martavius Neloms (Detroit), center Matt Smith (Atlanta) and defensive end Collins Ukwu (Minnesota). Best of luck to Morgan. Leftovers -- Your random news story of the day: "The Bea Arthur Naked Portrait (Only) Went for $1.9 Million at Christie's." What would Leslie Nielsen say?? -- Nerlens Noel was also at the NBA Draft Combine today. Despite not playing, Nerlens did get measured. Noel stood 6'10" tall in socks and 6'11.5" in shoes (no word on the hair). He has a 7'3.75" wingspan and 9-2 standing reach. For comparison's sake, Anthony Davis measured 6'9.25" in socks and 6'10.5" in shoes last year, with a 7"5.5" wingspan and 9-foot standing reach. Both are clearly made to be basketball players. -- 2014 Ohio safety Darius West will announce his college decision on May 30th at 2:30 at his school in Lima, Ohio. The 4-star West is considered to be leaning towards the Cats, and has said in the past that he wants to play his college ball with Mike Edwards, a Cincinnati safety who is also favoring UK. He's ranked the 13th best safety in the nation by Rivals. Drew Barker and fellow 2014 commits have been recruiting him heavily on Twitter, and Barker says he will travel all the way to Lima for the announcement, which has to make you feel good about UK's chances. -- Finally, here are the top two comments from Thursday evening's "Caption This!" contest: photo-734465 NorthernKYcatfan: “We’d be done by now if Crean hadn’t shown up and cut down the nets”. NoJortsNoProblm: "Can’t believe coach P wanted you to play shooting guard." Congratulations. You are both kings (or queens) of the comments section for one week. Use your power wisely. See you in the morning.

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