David Price's Monday News and Views

David Price's Monday News and Views

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One, two...testing, testing...is this thing on?? Good morning ladies and gents, and welcome to a beautiful new week where Kentucky Sports Radio is on a brand new super server and the Tampa Bay Rays are your American League champs. I don't blame you for checking for the monkey's flying out of your you-know-what. Anyway, we'll keep it brief about baseball because it seems to be a source of low interest around here but, you have to admit, David Price stepped it up big-time for the Rays tonight. One year ago he was bopping around a sea of nerds at Vandy and now he's bopping around a sea of Rayhawks as an AL champ after emphatically nailing down the final four outs against the Red Sox. So, the Rays will take on UK grad Joe Blanton and the Phillies in the World Series and, for about six innings, this will be the story of my life.  The ratings will be low pretty much everywhere, but not in the Beisner household. Now, onto the UK news... - So, you might have left the game early on Saturday. You might have stuck it out until the end. Either way, you saw at some point the bundle of excitement and developing wideout that is Randall Cobb. Cobb, who may or may not be the best quarterback on the team, made five catches for 73 yards, two of which went for touchdowns and rocked the Dicky jersey the whole game. It's obvious right now that Cobb is the best receiver on the team and that is where he offers the best value to UK. I'm not saying that Mike Hartline is a savior at this point, but Hartline under center and Cobb lined up outside offers the offense a better chance for success than Cobb under center and anyone else at wideout. The chemistry between Hartline and Cobb provided a little hope and excitement late in the game and is something that the offense must build on in the coming weeks if they want any hope of scoring points against the big dogs. - Also,this chemistry between the two quarterbacks earned a little national love for Hartline. ESPN awarded Hartline some sort of helmet sticker that probably smells like Chris Berman's sweaty, second chin if you scratch it. Hartline was one of six players nationally to earn the award. - Slipping quietly into the weekend was also the official start of the college basketball season nationwide with team hosting their Jeff Goodman-approved Midnight Madness ceremonies. A couple of guys who visited for UK's Big Blue Madness made their visits elsewhere with Warren Central's George Fant (2011) visiting what is left of IU and 2009 shooting guard Russell Byrd visiting Michigan State, who is widely regarded as the leader for his services. The good news for Byrd? He was not the guy accidentally shot in the leg by his buddy.  - It's all a foregone conclusion that Matt Pilgrim won't be suiting up for the Cats this year, right?  Well, there still might be a glimmer of hope that the practice stud could be on the active roster this season.  According to Virginia's Daily Press, the man who is comin' straight outta Hampton is still petitioning the NCAA to not have to sit out a year due to family hardships.  Coach Clyde says that he hasn't heard anything to the contrary in terms of his 2008 eligibility, but a man can dream, right? Well, that's it on an already extremely late night (NOTE:  This was originally posted at 3am.  You kids and your darn technology).  Stay tuned throughout the day as we get you prepared for the Cats' big trip to the swamp and bring you all kinds of goodness on a server guaranteed not to crash!

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