Dawson has no hard feelings toward UK, said return felt "weird"

Dawson has no hard feelings toward UK, said return felt "weird"

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Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 5.30.41 PM Shannon Dawson declined any and all interviews following his team's win in Commonwealth Stadium, but today he opened up about his return to Lexington while speaking to reporters back in Hattiesburg. He said:
"When you go back to the place you worked, of course the game means a lot. But, I'm not so sure it would've meant any more than any other (SEC) team. Winning against an SEC team means a lot to this program. Coach Hopson sold our team on, look, this place was built on that. So not having one for awhile was important. So just the fact of that made the game important. Now the fact that we were playing them, obviously for me, it made it a little more weird. I was going back there and when I hugged Coach Schlarman before the game, and I love that guy -- there's a lot of people over there I care deeply about. And I don't have any bad feelings towards Coach Stoops. I talked to him Thursday before the game and I talked to him after the game. I mean, look, head coaches have to make tough decisions. That's the bottom line. We wasn't very good on offense last year. I get that. I have probably more regret than I do, you know, bad feelings. So I'm always the kind of person -- I'm going to look at myself. I could've done better." ... "Everything in my opinion works out the right way. I had no hard feelings at all. I wanted to win the game for multiple reasons. The way it played out, obviously it was great. Winning the game was good but I don't want to downplay anything there because that is a great place."
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