Daycare Tailgating

This one, I’m not sure about. A story ran in the HL yesterday about a DVD for young children that teach them the basics of their (parents’) team. Well, the brains behind this zealot-forming endeavor is the aptly named Team Baby Entertainment (which sounds like it could be the musings of Vince McMahon), and were kind enough to release a UK themed DVD. --VIEW CLIP--I got sort of an eerie vibe from the clip. The woman’s voice in the background sounds like the computerized voice in action movies that countdown a bombs remaining 10 seconds of inertia. Don’t get me wrong, the babies are adorable in their UK garb, and there’s certainly no shame in learning to spell Wildcats before you can spell your own name (where are you OH Napier?). Still, unless the video has subliminal instruction to hate everything that is red, orange, light blue, or Kryszewski, I don’t see the point. “Touchdown Big Blue! Let’s count the score out loud! Florida 1, 2, 3, 4,…45 and Kentucky 1,2,3,4,5,6.” Of course, Lawrence Taylor was once on Sesame Street, so I guess that doesn’t say much about my generation’s educational TV. “Lawrence!” “Hey Kids. I’m just sitting down to a nice, healthy breakfast.” “Cool! I eat Rice Krispies too!” “Ohhh no. This ain’t Rice Krispies children…Well, I guess it is cracklin’ though, huh?” You can visit the Team Baby (…World Police) Entertainment website here and chose from an assortment of schools. My favorite is definitely Miami.

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