Deandre Daniels Leaning Kentucky According to ESPN

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
deandre With Deandre Daniels likely to make a decision as to his college choice by this weekend, things are moving quickly. According to ESPN writer Eamonn "Wears His War Wound Like a Crown" Brennan, Kentucky is the early leader for Daniels' services. According to Brennan, he is considering USC, UNLV, Memphis and other schools, but the Cats have come calling and Deandre is interested. This weekend could tell the tale. This Kentucky team would then have two Deandres. The first time that has happened since it had two Marks, with the Coury and Krebs squad. Going back farther than that, there were two Jeffs (Brassow and Shepard), Seans (Sutton and Woods) and two other Deandres (Dampier and Riley). As I have said previously, Deandre Daniels could be the last piece to a very good UK puzzle. The next few days will decide if that is what happens.

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