Dear Indiana Fans Complaining About Trey Lyles...

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"Hold on, hold on. That says Indiana and not Illinois, right?" "I think so, let me put my glasses on..." Shut up. And meet Eric Gordon. This NBA star was set to wear orange and play for Bruce Weber at Illinois before Kelvin Sampson showed up at IU, cell-phone in hand. While Eric is a born-and-raised Indiana product, he chose to take is services elsewhere and committed to a neighboring state's team. And who could blame him -- Mike Davis had run the program into a nice hole (little did Hoosier-nation known that Kelvin would one-up him in a big way). Suddenly, after weeks of rumors, Eric Gordon backs out of his commitment. He decided he'd prefer to play for a coach with a spotless dirty slightly piebald record. Gordon switched his commitment to Indiana, leaving the Illini reeling at a recruit who could have kept Weber's amazing run with his nearly-undefeated 2005 team intact. Instead, Weber's program hit a slump with his star-prospect elsewhere. The point here is simple -- you Indiana fans need to realize you live in a glass house before you start tossing all those boulders our way again. It takes a quick look back to your last great player to realize that Indiana did the exact same thing you are accusing Calipari of right now. In fact, you guys (IU fans) were so proud of stealing Eric Gordon that you got a nice loud chant going when you played Illinois. So before you start: stop. Crean and Cal are fairly cool, so I don't think UK would stoke that fire too hard, especially with the ordeal regarding the neutral site game recently. Also, it is best for the kid to hear out all his option before being legally obligated and stuck. I'm not going to say I know what has happened in the Trey Lyles recruitment, but if there was contact, you Hoosier fans aren't allowed to come after us with pitchforks. Or with steel-toed boots if you decide to try and curb-stomp our fans and players again in Assembly Hall or pour beer on us in Bloomington bars.

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