Dear other teams, Beat Florida

Dear other teams, Beat Florida

John Dubyaover 14 years


Article written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya
Kentucky's had their chance...6 times of late, and couldn't do it. The rest of the proud SEC also has seen ample opportunity to pull it off in the past 3 conference tournaments, and alas, failed. It could've been one of the 64 other teams in last year's tournament, even then, they didn't. Beat Florida. That's the theme here in case your just joining us. We're talking about a team that needs a tournament loss like Scott Rigot needs Two Men & A Truck. After watching Jo-Kim Noah's little jig, his pop/lock, Harlem/shufle, shoulder/lean, ghost ride/whip, my already deeply imbedded hate for the young man whose parents couldn't have been pleased with the initial results of their thought to be flawless genetics, soared to dangerous heights. I'm talking about heights where only the likes of Christian Laettner, Ron Slay, JJ Redick, and Corey Sears have ever taken in the view. As of now, a Florida loss would almost be equal to a Kentucky win (of course, Kentucky might be lucky to get A win). Seriously, someone, anyone, please, bring these clowns down a peg. The worst part of this whole thing is that nobody can say a word to em. Smooth tried in his valiant Brooklyn way, and consequently called "my son" by Daddy Noah. Nope, as long as they're kickin your ass while wearing that Championship belt, the rest of the college basketball world is relegated to a helpless sideline seat. Arizona, Notre Dame, Maryland, Wisconsin, ANYONE. The Gators need to lose before I lose my cool. Sadly however, I think one thing remains obvious: as long as they care, aint nobody gonna do it.

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