DeCourcy: "Wiltjer has 12 months to become a body builder"

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Between John Calipari and Kyle Wiltjer, many words were spoken yesterday about his potential departure for a different program. Of all the words, four stood out among the rest to the Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy... "Body's got to change." The last 24 hours have been spent analyzing what Kentucky will miss and what Kentucky will not miss with the absence of Kyle Wiltjer on the roster for the 2013-2014 season. DeCourcy spends some time on that too, generally coming to the conclusion that for the following reasons, Kentucky will be fine (at least next year) without Wiltjer:
- Wiltjer was a liability on the defensive end - Only a 48.4% shooter from 2-point range, indicating a lack of ability to finish around the rim with contact - Most of the power forward minutes will be split between Julius Randle and Alex Poythress - Kentucky won't miss the leadership aspect because it's hard to lead when you aren't playing a more prominent role
  DeCourcy did talk about how Kentucky would miss the deep shooting threat of having a guy like Wiltjer, who can be devastating when left open. He also mentioned the potential loss of an experienced senior on a 2014-2015 roster that will likely see a lot of departing players making an exit for the NBA after this season. DeCourcy's main point though was that what happens in the next 12 months is the most pivotal to Kyle Wiltjer. Kentucky will be fine. Will they miss him? Sure. But Kentucky will be fine. Wiltjer has work to do though, and the next 12 months will be crucial, especially in regards to him changing his body and working on his weaknesses. DeCourcy compared Wiltjer's decision to take a year to work on himself to Gonzaga's Kelly Olynyk. The decision can be valuable, and the strategy is often used in college football. Can Wiltjer make the necessary changes over the course of the next month? Only time will tell...   [ DeCourcy: Kentucky's Kyle Wiltjer has 12 months to become a body builder ]  

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