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Andrew Cassadyover 8 years


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The hype for this year's Kentucky basketball team is almost unprecedented. First of all you have the best recruiting class in the history of college basketball coming in. Then you factor in a bunch of key returners ready to play after a disappointing season. To top it all Cal has made it clear he wants his team to strive for 40 and 0. The expectations for this team are out of control and there is no Denzel in sight to bring a stop to the hype train. Without question the year should be just as fun as 2012 but if the team can't reach that lofty goal of hanging number nine which of these finishes would make you say the year was disappointing? Sweet Sixteen Or Worse With as much talent as this team has it would be hard to imagine the team coming up short in the sweet sixteen or earlier but stranger things have happened. Remember when  Brandon Knight and company took down highly favored and overall #1 seed Ohio State. Sometimes you just run into a buzzsaw and if that happened it would certainly be disappointing. Having not seen this group play a game yet a situation occurring with chemistry issues would also be disappointing. The Cats look great on paper but if they are finished before the second weekend is over there could be a bit of unrest develop amongst the fanbase. Especially coming off of an NIT year. Elite Eight Finishing in the Elite Eight would be respectable but it could still be disappointing. Just look at the John Wall team, they were arguably the best team going into the tournament and got caught by a hot WVU squad. It was a beloved team that had a great season but still the year was dampened a bit by the finish. Just one game more and they would have been held in reverence forever. This team could face a similar fate. The expectations are so high that if they go down in the elite eight it would just damage the way team is looked back upon. Final Four It would be hard to view reaching the final four as a disappointment. Unless of course the team was beat by an inferior opponent like a Wichita St or to a rival like Louisville. Again the Brandon Knight team when from disappointing during the SEC to beloved all due to a final four run. Reaching the final four provides validation for the year and is deserving of raising a banner. Nothing disappointing here. National Championship Or Bust While this is an unreasonable stance there are a number of people who certainly feel this way. There is too much randomness and too many good teams to hold the expectation of a championship next season. The Cats should be the favorite without a doubt but holding this view just takes all of the joy out of watching sports. We all know fans like this though. If their team can't hoist a trophy they collapse into a deep dark depression until the next season tips off. It's a rough existence.   Big Blue Madness is four months from today and everyone is geared up for yet another awesome year. If number nine goes up then it's going to be a great time to be a Wildcat but you never know how things are going to play out. So how will you define disappointment for the coming year?

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