DeMarcus Cousins: Calipari can "walk into the sunset" at Kentucky

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


One day, John Calipari will leave Kentucky, but count DeMarcus Cousins among those who believe it will be for retirement, not the NBA.

“I don’t think so,” Cousins told Jeff Goodman when asked if he thinks Cal will go to the NBA again. “He’s in a position to walk into the sunset. He’s in the perfect place.”

Cousins added that if Calipari did want to go back to the NBA, he’d be better prepared than the first time around due to his experience coaching one-and-dones.

“He was young. You live and learn. He’s dealt with all types of personnel, future pros, and that’s prepared himself to deal with pros.”

After last night’s loss, it sounds like some of you would prefer Cal to just go to the pros, but if history has taught us anything, nobody is better at getting young talent to come together in March than him.


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