DeMarcus Cousins has "a lot to get off his chest" in first game against Sacramento.

DeMarcus Cousins has "a lot to get off his chest" in first game against Sacramento.

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[caption id="attachment_217194" align="aligncenter" width="600"] @PelicansNBA[/caption] After years of controversy, locker room turmoil, technical fouls, and coaching changes, former Wildcat DeMarcus Cousins was traded from the Sacramento Kings to New Orleans at the trade deadline for pennies on the dollar. For Cousins, it was an opportunity to team up with former Kentucky star Anthony Davis and revamp his image. For the Kings, they were able to avoid re-signing Cousins to a massive contract extension and get a head start on rebuilding from a rebuild. It was a much-needed breakup, but the hard feelings with Sacramento haven't vanished in Boogie's eyes. The Pelicans will be playing in Sacramento for the first time since the trade and Cousins is hyped. “I can’t wait. Oh, my God. I can’t wait," Cousins said in an interview at the NBA's Basketball Without Borders Africa camp. "I’m praying it’s the first game. I just got a lot to get off my chest. I can’t wait." As far as what he misses about playing in Sacramento, he went out of his way to mention everything but the actual franchise. “I miss the community. I miss the people. I miss the fans. That’s it,” Cousins said. The three-time NBA All-Star has his sights set on taking the Pelicans to new heights this season. In an interview with from South Africaa, Cousins said he's recruiting some of the top players in the league to join him in New Orleans. “For one, we want to win, so we needed as much talent and as many pieces as we can get," Cousins said. "I’ve reached out to everybody. I mean, I don’t want to throw names out there, but some of the biggest names on the block right now, I’ve reached out to.”

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