DeMarcus Cousins: If you played at UK, "It's not just a one year thing or a four year thing. It's a brotherhood."

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When John Calipari's first batch of NBA talent at Kentucky entered the league, he told reporters they would share a bond that lasted a lifetime.

Eight years later, I don't think he had any idea what it would develop into.

Nearly 30 former Kentucky players line NBA rosters, with a few teams carrying several Wildcats.

One of those teams? The New Orleans Pelicans.

Last night, DeAndre Liggins signed with the Pelicans, making it the fifth former Kentucky player on the roster. He joins DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, Darius Miller, and Rajon Rondo as former Cats on the team, the most players from the same college of any team in the league by a wide margin.

In an interview with FOXSports New Orleans, Davis, Cousins, Rondo, Miller, and Calipari talked about the bond they share with one another, and how that spreads throughout the entire NBA between former Cats.

"We've got four guys here," Davis said prior to the Liggins acquisition. "We're taking over the league."

Cousins said it doesn't matter when you played, if you were a Wildcat, you're always a Wildcat.

"It's not just a one year thing or a four year thing," said Cousins. "It's a brotherhood. If you played in the 90s, or if you played in the 2000's, we're all family."

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Nothing like #LaFamilia.

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