Demarcus Cousins Kicked From Plane

Demarcus Cousins Kicked From Plane

Will Lentzover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

The best way to settle an argument – teapot off.

It’s been a mixed season for blog favorite Demarcus Cousins this year.  First he had some struggles being effective in the minutes he did get, then when he figured out how to do it, he had trouble staying on the court because of off the court issues.  Just as it looked like he was turning it around and becoming a consistent big man in the NBA – including a dominating performance against two of the leagues best in Gasol and Bynum – his off the court issues are coming up again.

After a 99-97 loss to Oklahoma City last night, Cousins was allegedly upset with Donte Green for inbounding the ball to Tyreke Evans for a missed three pointer instead of feeding the ball to the post.  This turned into a confrontation in the hallway, which allegedly turned into throwing fists in the locker room.  Later, when Cousins made to board the plane in Oklahoma City, Cousins was not allowed to ‘while the team decided what actions to take.’ Surprisingly, according to FanHouse who originally reported the story, only one player stood up for Cousins as he tried to get on the plane, and that player was Fransisco Garcia.

Again, according to sources, Boogie was in the locker room shouting about wanting more respect despite being a rookie. I may love Demarcus more than most any other UK Alum, but come on man, getting in fights will not earn you respect, no matter how much you feel you’ve been slighted.

Hopefully Cousins can get this worked through soon, and hopefully the Kings don’t give up on him before he can.

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