DeMarcus Cousins says Blake Griffin is an actor

Drew Franklinover 9 years


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DeMarcus Cousins has been putting up some of the best numbers in the NBA over the past week or two, but foul trouble kept him on the bench for most of last night's game against the Clippers. He picked up an early foul in the first and then his good buddy Eric Bledsoe drew two quick fouls on him, his second and third fouls, midway through the second quarter. Then DeMarcus picked up his fourth foul just two minutes into the second half and would sit the rest of the third quarter and most of the fourth. Boogie returned to the game with four minutes left to play and he would score the go-ahead basket for the Kings with just over a minute to go. But he was called for his fifth foul when Blake Griffin tried to answer on the other end. He would eventually foul out when battling with Griffin for an offensive rebound in the final seconds of the game. He finished with 18 minutes in the loss. After the game, he caught the media's attention when talking about the two fouls towards the end that gave the Clippers the win. "I guess the wind from my hand hit him in the eye," DeMarcus said about Blake Griffin's reaction when he committed his fifth foul. "He's in L.A. where actors belong. He's an actor." Boogie would probably get crushed for these comments a year ago, but with the way he has been playing, his Blake Griffin trash talk is just the beginning of a new rivalry between two of the NBA's best young power forwards. DeMarcus is playing like a top five big man recently and he's earning the respect of fans, opponents, and NBA media across the country. And Blake Griffin is just an actor.

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