Derek Anderson apologizes to Dakari, John Calipari, and the Big Blue Nation

Derek Anderson apologizes to Dakari, John Calipari, and the Big Blue Nation

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derek-nerlens1 Last week, Derek Anderson made waves with his interview on Drew Deener's show in which he said some not so nice things about the state of Kentucky program, John Calipari, and Dakari Johnson. Anderson came on the show Thursday morning and tried to explain his comments and tell fans he didn't realize he was on a Louisville radio show. Over the weekend, Anderson wrote an open letter on Cameron Mills' website in which he apologized to John Calipari, Dakari Johnson, and the Big Blue Nation:

An Open Letter To Coach Calipari, Dakari Johnson & Big Blue Nation

First let me apologize to Dakari Johnson if he felt offended by my example of what I meant for players to stay in school is more important than rushing to the NBA. I want the best for EVERY player and person on this earth so my intent was to hopefully bring the awareness of what could happen. I want to apologize to Coach Cal if I offended him as my comments where my opinion in which ALL UK fans and people have made in which they where not meant to be taken personal like some people chose to do.

I Love UK to the bone and have been there thru the bad and good times because we are a family. When Noel got hurt, I came! When Alex got hurt, I came! Coach ask me to speak to team, I came! I was speaking my opinion about why “I” thought we lost the last two seasons and it came out harsh in which I apologize for that.  But for people to attack my character is not something I take lightly as I am human and make mistakes. This message is to those that love UK like me, I was wrong and I’m moving on by supporting BBN as always. But if you have a problem with me, then don’t expect me to be kind to you in return. This is a sport and not a place to defame a man’s character in which I never once disrespected anyone’s character.

When coach yells at his players and tells them they played bad in front of BBN, I did the same and again, it wasn’t the right thing to do on my part. But NEVER will I allow others to attack me as a Man!

I am truly greatful for all the love and support from the University of Kentucky, BBN, and alumni. I am True Blue always!!! #BBN4Life



If you missed Derek's appearance on our show, click here to listen to the podcast. []

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