Devin Booker Drops Buckets, Knowledge in Lexington

Kindsey Bernhardabout 5 years


IMG_0045 Devin Booker is back in Lexington hosting a shooting camp for kids. After some drills, Booker sat down with the media for ten minutes to talk NBA, Tyler Ulis, this year's basketball team and more. Lucky for me, I was there to witness it all. Here are some the best things he had to say...

Coach Popovich Complimented Booker's Character 

On the way to Team USA practice, the San Antonio Spurs head coach talked to Booker about his personality and character. Coach Pop told Booker that "what makes you special is not anything you do on the court, it's the high character you have and the maturity you have as a 19-year-old." Booker has brought that attitude to Lexington where he knows what his presence means to these kids. "You figure out how important that is, that I’m an actual role model now and how I carry myself actually affects people’s lives,” Booker said.

Booker Believes His Kentucky Team Was the Most Talented

With so many former Kentucky players in the NBA, trash-talking about which team is the best is inevitable. Booker says it's hard to argue about the 2012 team because they have national championship (which Booker wishes he had), but believes his team was most talented. "I always say we were the most talented team in college basketball history. Not the best team, because the best teams win championships, but the most talented team," Booker said. I'd say that 38-1 record proves that point.

If You Want to Go to the NBA, Go to Kentucky 

When asked about how many Kentucky guys can fit on one NBA roster, Booker joked that he'd take all of them. "I respect everyone who comes through Kentucky. Obviously the NBA does because we have a lot of Kentucky players in the there," Booker said. I second that statement.

Booker Gets Buckets

First, he knocked down jumpers with Malik Monk. Then he went 25 of 29 from behind the arc.

Size Doesn't Matter

Booker believes Ulis shouldn't have slipped that far in the draft, but he's glad to have him as a teammate again. "I don’t understand how the draft always works. You take all these European guys that play three minutes a game overseas, but right here you see Tyler playing on the biggest stage in college basketball and he’s performing," Booker said. When Booker saw Ulis dropping in the draft, he made some calls to people in the Suns organization. After slipping all the way to the 34th pick, Booker calls Ulis "the biggest steal in the draft."

2016-17 is Going to Be One of Cal's Best, Defensively 

Booker was able to watch Malik Monk and De'Aaron Fox play at the Jordan Brand Classic and came away impressed with the Cats' new backcourt.  Booker thinks this team has the length and athleticism to be one of the best defensive teams under Calipari, especially with Bam Adebayo in the mix. Their athleticism will allow them to play at a fast pace and dunk, early and often. "They look like they're going to be really special, this team," Booker said.

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