Dez Wells Leaves Lexington; Unlikely to Come to UK

Matt Jonesabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
dezewell Dez Wells' visit to Kentucky has ended and he is on his way to visit Memphis. With that decision, it now becomes more unlikely he ends up a Wildcat. With Kentucky's academic calendar, Wells really needed to get enrolled on Friday in order to get into classes in time to be a part of the team this coming season, either as a transfer or to be eligible under a waiver. However, the team and Wells ended up not on the same page by the end of the visit, Wells decided to take more visits and now the likelihood of him in Lexington decreases drastically. Unless something changes this weekend, chances are high that Wells ends up at a school not named Kentucky. Its a shame, because he is a good player and would have been a good addition to the program. Wells may not be a fan of the fact that he likely would end up an 8th man on the team at UK (especially if he doesnt get eligible this year) and that likely played a part in his decision to take other visits. If you are a Dez Wells fan, hope that a reversal of course takes place soon or expect to see him in another uniform.

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