Dick Vitale, the Hooters Girls and Fake Jerry Rice Want Afternoon Notes

Dick Vitale, the Hooters Girls and Fake Jerry Rice Want Afternoon Notes

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
 dickie-v-hooters One of the perks of being the face and voice of a good cause is that you get to mingle with the sponsors.  For Dick Vitale, a one-day stream of Tweets proves the importance of having good sponsors.  A few notes...  - Obviously, the biggest story of the day turned out to be that there will be no story regarding Jon Davisand his selection of a college.  Various reports have him flipping to the Cards or Illini or re-committing to the Cats.  At this point, no one really knows what his decision will be and he and his family are keeping very quiet.  What is known is that Ron Zook will make a visit to Louisville today for one final push and that Davis is "close" to making his final call.  This, of course, comes after reports surfaced last night that the decision was made and he would announce today.  Does that mean that the Davis family is hosting Zook just as a formality and the decision is between the Cats and Cards?  I don't know.  That would just be speculation and we just said we weren't going do do that, didn't we?  - With the new release of ESPN's rankings and Bryan the Intern looking`into next season, excitement seems to be at an all-time high for future projections.  Not surprisingly, ESPN jumped onto the future bandwagon and posted their NBA Draft Lottery simulator.  You'll get different results almost every time you run the program (thus the excitement of the lottery!), but one of the more favorable scenarios seems to involve Enes Kanter pairing with John Wall in Washington and Terrence Jones joining Boogie in Sacramento.  If that turns out to be true, the second greatest night in the history of the program could be the start of deep-rooted NBA allegiances.  Are you going Wizards or Kings?   - As he continues to be the Bizzaro Antoine Walker, Jamal Mashburn joined Steve Beshear todayto advocate for raising the dropout age in Kentucky.  The proposal would push the age to 17 in 2015 and 18 the following year.  For a guy who hails from the other side of the country, Mashburn has blazed a nice trail of business and charity work in Kentucky since earning his big checks.  Hopefully, it's a trail that some of the recent UK departures will also travel.  After they drop out of college and go pro.  - For those of you that are ESPN Insiders, the site offers a behind-the-scenes look at the NCAA Eligibility Center, which sounds as dorky and painfully awful as any other corporate job.  Ugly Sweater Days!  A Halloween costume contest!  An Enes Kanter dart board!  They didn't say that, but we all know it's there.    - I won't link it because someone will inevitably call me a jerk for doing so, but Pat Forde started beef with Monkey's Eyebrow, Ky.in his Forde Yard Dash or whatever it's called yesterday.  Forde started ragging on coach's call-in shows and then wrote a parody about....oh, hell.  Here it is.  You can just read it.  - If you missed the radio show this morning, make sure you check out the podcast below.  Matt and Zach talked Jon Davis and Tee Martin and then traveled down through all the great memories of the Billy Gillispie Experiment.  It was a nostalgic tour you know you want to savor.  Listen below.  And, as an added bonus, here's the Drew Franklin video referenced on today's radio show.  I hope you brought a tissue.

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