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[caption id="attachment_127223" align="aligncenter" width="500"] I don't mind pouring salt on the wound, but I do have one question: Where's Manti Te'o? (h/t Big Lead)[/caption]   - Rituals are as crucial to sports as jock straps. If you break a ritual, it can become a big mental block during a game. Some have a lucky shirt or socks, others have lucky handshakes. Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin, and James Harden have a handshake that I'm sure little kids will be emulating soon (let's be honest, I'll be doing it too).   - Sometimes nothing is better than taking children to a zoo. Some of their reactions to the rarely seen exotic animals, are Kodak moments to be cherished forever. There's also that slight chance that the animals you see do something you'll never forget; this hippo was a 'party'pooper' for guests but provided those from afar some entertainment.   - Now that National Signing Day has come and gone, how is #BBN supposed to get their football fix? You can start by getting to know your new players on KSRCollege. There are bios on all 22 members of this year's class, with maybe one or two still to come....???   -Even though watching Louisville go down to Notre Dame in 5 OTs was comical and highly entertaining, it still doesn't take the cake from a great Saturday in College Basketball. The end of regulation in the Wisconsin/Michigan game provided two fantastic shots to take the game into overtime. Wisconsin went on to win; it's hard to imagine losing after hitting a crazy shot like this one.

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