Dicky To Go Back in the Slot

Dicky To Go Back in the Slot

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
dickylyons Very little news coming out of UK this week, as the bye week for football and the calm before the Midnight Madness storm for basketball makes all eyes focus on the Ryder Cup. The one piece or relevant news comes courtesy of Rich Brooks, who announced that Dicky Lyons will return primarily to the slot as a receiver, and leave the outside for the younger guys. Going into the season, Lyons had hoped to be the #1 receiver for the Cats and thus occupy the role on the outside a bit more, but his struggles to get open over the top, combined with the lack of efficiency in the routes run by the inside guys, made that system somewhat ineffective in the early games. Against MTSU however, Lyons moved primarily back to the inside (his role last year) in the second half, and had much more success, carrying the team on his back for two drives. This news is good for Dicky and will allow him to be more effective. But it puts even more pressure on guys like Kyrus Lanxter, EJ Adams, Matt Roark and others to develop into a deep consistent threat to open up the offense more. We shall see if they are capable.

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