Did Christian Laettner lobby for more minutes for Davis?

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


This will never get old. Fresh off posing for what may be the best photo ever, Christian Laettner had another mission of goodwill for the Big Blue Nation: talking to his old coach about giving Anthony Davis more minutes. Laettner confessed his ulterior motives to ESPN's Marc Stein:
Davis also had an unforseen lobbyist working on his behalf Monday, on the eve of the Tunisia game, trying to get him more minutes. That would be Laettner himself, who went to the workout in his role as an Olympic reporter for Fox Sports, but with the side hope of convincing his old Duke coach to give Davis some run. Not that he was prepared to make any outright demands. "I'm going to ask him about it," Laettner said with a laugh. "But I do think [Davis] needs to play a little bit in these next two games. I think Coach K's gotta get him in there a little bit because they can't play small-ball all the time and the kid is a terrific player. He's really long and really gets above the rim."
First he mops the sweat off the court in Rupp Arena in a charity game. Then he posed with Tony Delk and recreated the infamous Timberlake stomp with Anthony Davis putting his big foot squarely on his chest. Now, he's lobbying for more minutes for one of the Big Blue's most beloved. If the six-year-old version of me didn't know better, I'd say Laettner might be a closet UK fan.

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