Did Janice give us the best call in KSR history?
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Did Janice give us the best call in KSR history?

Drew Franklinover 5 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Resized_20160513_105754 The KSR radio show has gotten so many great calls over the years, but Thursday morning's call from Janice may be the best in the show's history. And that's saying something. In case you missed it, Matt and Ryan took a call from Janice, a woman who was arguing with her son over laundry while waiting on hold for the show. Poor Janice didn't realize the guys had taken her call on air, so her entire argument was broadcast over the airwaves to listeners all over the state. You have to hear this: Here's what we learned from Janice: -- Janice washes her family's socks together in one load. -- Kenny can no longer wear his socks because someone, I believe Darryl, stretched them out. The socks are now too wide for Kenny and must be thrown away. He no longer has any socks because all of his are too stretched out. -- Darryl adamantly denied stretching out the socks. He insists he has never worn socks like Kenny's. -- Shane don't wear socks. Classic.

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