Did UK Hoops lose another staff member?

Did UK Hoops lose another staff member?

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mitchell The hits just keep on coming for Matthew Mitchell. @WBballHoopScoop tweeted last night that another staff member left the UK Hoops program yesterday: https://twitter.com/wbballhoopscoop/status/730223312513597440 Considering there aren't that many staff members left, that's especially unfortunate; however, our own Scoop Lemond "suggested" on the radio show this morning that it's a graduate assistant who may be following former assistant Camryn Whitaker to her new gig as head coach at Northern Kentucky for a higher position. This morning, Jen Smith is reporting that Mitchell will likely add former point guard Amber Smith to the support staff in hopes she will be a good bridge between the players and the coaches. Smith played at UK from 2008-2012 and has spent the last few years as an assistant at Louisiana Tech after one year as a graduate assistant at Tennessee. Of course, Louisiana Tech was coached by Tyler Summitt, who resigned last month over rumors he had an affair with one of his players. Bet she's got some stories to tell.

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