Did You Know De'Aaron Fox Taught Himself to Play Piano?

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Before he became a point guard for the Kentucky Wildcats, De'Aaron Fox taught himself how to play piano with an electric keyboard and YouTube videos.  It's one of the many things about Fox you may not know that's featured in this pre-NBA Draft profile from NBA.com. A player that's often compared to John Calipari's first point guard, John Wall, Coach Cal makes a distinction between the two, surprisingly favoring Fox.

“But let me say this,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said. “John Wall used his speed as a weapon. Wasn’t as good with the ball, scoring wise, at that age. De’Aaron has floaters. Not a great three-point shooter. Good. But neither was John. But John’s thing was, ‘I am getting to that rim and I’m going to dunk on you.’ This kid (Fox) didn’t use it as a weapon and my whole thing all season (was) ‘Sprint the ball for layups. Rebound it, they outlet it, try to shoot a layup.’ And when he did, it was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ He doesn’t view it as a weapon. Yet. When he views it as a weapon, it’s a wrap. You look at a John Wall, the difference he makes, it’s just speed. One thing. Speed.”

You know a lot about De'Aaron, but you can learn more by reading this.

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