Digger Phelps Fan of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast

Drew Franklinover 9 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Digger looks thrilled to be taking this photo with an enthusiastic Kentucky fan. Listen to me! LISTEN-TO-ME!!!! --- Kentucky just wrapped up its open practice, and just like the other open practices, it was a whole bunch of nothing. This time, however, we did get a small glimpse as to how they will handle shooting in the dome. Everyone seemed to do well for the most part, especially Coach Robic, but we really won't know until tomorrow night when the dome is full. One thing that stood out to me was MKG working alone on one end with Coach Payne while everyone else played knockout on the other end. MKG was working hard right around the basket for about 20 minutes. --- Anthony Davis looks fine. Don't worry about that knee. --- I was standing right outside the tunnel when the team walked out so I got to see all of their faces when they got their first look at the Superdome. Everyone -- from Miller to Long -- looked shocked at the Superdome and the setup. The look on their faces was one of shock, amazement, excitement, and holy-s***-this-place-is-big, all wrapped up into one expression. --- This is how Jarrod Polson was introduced before today's open practice: --- Brad Calipari had a great tweet this morning that has since been taken down. It went like this: Teague > Siva Lamb > Smith Gilchrist > Kuric Jones > Behanan Davis > Dieng Wiltjer > Swopshire Miller > Smith Polson > Justice Dad > Rick Well said, young man. --- On today's radio show, Matt and I talked about the game and told a story about Rick Bozich that makes us look like the professional ones. Go Cats.

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