DIME Magazine grades Nerlens Noel, says he lacks heart?

Drew Franklinover 8 years


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issel-noel In an article over at DIME Magazine this afternoon, a staff writer -- whose Twitter bio reads "Nerlens Noel's hairdresser" -- graded the former Kentucky big man as he gets ready for the NBA draft and compared him to Milwaukee's Larry Sanders. While the Sanders comparison makes sense, I disagree with the first sentence of the "Intangibles" section of Noel's DIME report card.
INTANGIBLES: 7.5 Noel doesn’t really bring noticeable heart or intensity to the floor as soon as he steps on the court. But after an exciting block or an emphatic stuff, it does make his teammates more willing to step up in their respective roles. Depending on the game and how much he plays, it’s always hit or miss.
To say Nerlens Noel doesn't bring noticeable heart is no different than saying Nerlens Noel can't defend the basket. Nerlens is all heart and it was on display time and time again throughout last season. Most of the scouting report is very accurate, well done, but I wonder what games the author was watching to question Noel's heart and intensity. Still a good read, though. [NERLENS NOEL’S TOP 5 HIGHLIGHTS & WHY HE’S THE NEXT LARRY SANDERS]

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