Dish Network Customers: Free Boogie

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No, not Free Boogie as in Free Enes, but free Boogie as in free samples. Lemme explain: About a month ago, Fox Sports decided it wanted to charge more for its channels. Dish Network fought them on the rate increase and Fox subsequently pulled the Fox Sports channels and FX from the Dish Network lineup of programming. Dish, to their eternal credit, communicated the issue to customers and gave subscribers free access to other sports channels while everything was getting worked out (It was a good thing the Reds had essentially locked up the regular season and was getting ready to get swept on TBS or Charlie Ergen would have had a very upset Mrs. Christopher Johns on his hands. . .and that is a place no man wants to be). I also thought it was a little funny that Dish gave out Fox's email and phone number and broadcast their CEO Charlie Ergen on a loop explaining the situation and encouraging customers to send Fox a choice word or two.


Anyway, apparently everything is settled and Dish sent this out the other day:


DISH Network is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with FOX and that your FX channel has been restored. You may have also had a FOX Regional Sports Network channel removed and this programming has been restored as well. The new agreement also ensures the continued carriage of all your FOX local channels. We appreciate your patience during this time and regret the inconvenience this may have caused you. Starting now, you can enjoy a variety of great programming that will be offered as a free preview for a limited time: Sony Movie Channel – Enjoy uncut, uninterrupted and remastered theatrical movies. Available on channels 386 (HD) and 387 (SD) NBA League Pass – Catch the excitement of your favorite NBA basketball teams–right from your living room. Available on channels 560-572 Cooking Channel – Dedicated to today’s more passionate food lover. Available on channel 113 The Science Channel – Explore Science’s past, present and future. Available on channel 193 For more detailed information, including dates in which these channels will run in Free Preview, please visit or tune to Channel 102. DISH Network thanks you for your loyalty and for standing by our side. Sincerely, DISH Network


BAM! So if you are a Dish Network customer, YOU WIN! I looked it up and the free preview lasts until November 2nd. So you have a few days to soak up as much John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, and Rajon Rondo love you can before you have to go back to paying for it. Have at it.

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