'Dis'location, location, location

'Dis'location, location, location

John Dubyaover 14 years


Article written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya
medical-symbol-blk.jpg Let’s face it: we, the public, love to be grossed out. Why else would they make Saw’s 2 and 3? Because each one earned more than its successor, all at the cost of fake prosthetics and pigs blood (certainly not writers). When your buddy pukes at the bar, why must we always have to inspect it only to be severely sickened sometimes to the point of a counter puke? Why was flatulence in a coffee can a traditional boyhood affair? It’s gross…actually, and I’m not really sure why anyone would do that one. Well, we also happen to like our sports injuries of the macabre variety, as one Shaun Livingston can surely attest, as he’s undoubtedly lying in his bed wondering why SportsCenter has to keep running the replay of his knee dislocation. They run it, Shaun, because I keep watching…through the makeshift prison bars of my fingers, as I try and pretend like seeing a man’s knee stuck sideways is something I’d rather not watch. Truth be told, I don’t want to see it, but that unexplainable curiosity kicks in. It’s kind of like heroine without the euphoria and life destruction (I’ve never ridden the horse, but I do read Hunter S. Thompson and listen to America). When you hear this on SportsCenter, “If you’re squeamish you might want to look away,” who the hell actually looks away? Anyway, this does have a point. SI.com blogga Jimmy Traina compiled a micro-list of The Most Gruesome/Bizarre Sports Injuries caught on tape (YouTube). Included is the aforementioned Livingston, as well as Joe Theismann’s leg being snapped like a King Crab and dipped in drawn butter, Willis McGahee’s leg bending at a perfect 90 degree angle in the Fiesta Bowl, and Alabama’s Tyrone Prothro and his gnarled mess of a leg (which for my money takes the cake). The only one I couldn’t watch was Villanova’s Allan Ray basically getting his eye poked out in last year’s Big East Tournament, because my curiosity stops at things dealing with eyes; very sensitive. I must warn you, these clips are quite graphic, so if you’re queasy, you might not want to look…now let’s see you not take a peak. Sorry, and good luck.

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