Do not try to speak Swahili to Julius Peppers

Drew Franklinabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


We take a break from giving you University of Kentucky basketball, football, and recruiting news in the most ridiculous manner possible, to give you news of University of North Carolina academics being as ridiculous as possible. UNC released the academic transcript of Julius Peppers today, and unlike the infamous Eric Bledsoe transcript leak in the summer of 2010, the Chapel Hill-based university didn't need the help of Richard Pitino to get it out to the public. No, for some unfathomable reason, UNC released Peppers' transcript to the worldwide web on its own, possibly by accident. Have a look... Click to enlarge Click to enlarge UNC has since removed the transcript from its website, where it was originally posted as a "test," "generic" and "made-up" student transcript. But there are far too many similarities in previous reports of Peppers' classwork, and his name at the top of the page, to play this one off as coincidental. I can't say anything bad about those Ds in Stagecraft and Kiswahili; those are two tough classes. I mean, hayo mbili ngumu madarasa.

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