Do Your Part BBN, Beat Florida.

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Here at KSR, we’re not ones to send massive amounts of fans to skew internet polls.  That would just be silly.  Wait – what?  We do?  In fact, we swing enough polls to make President Mubarak ashamed?  Well hot damn my friends, we’re in luck. 

There’s a poll going on over at ESPN called the Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge – and if there is one thing Cal deserves, it’s to win a poll over who is the most charitable coach.  Coincidentally, he seems to be going head to head against his opponent tonight, Eddie Munster of the Florida Gators.   The coach that wins the vote gets $100,000 donated to the charity he represents.  Cal’s charity this year is Samaritan’s Feet – which you may remember as the charity that the basketball team participated in during its trip to Canada.  The basis behind the charity is to provide less than fortunate members in neighborhoods and villages with new shoes – particularly those that can’t afford them. 

And just to make sure we’re not just voting for him because he coaches at Kentucky – the idea behind the contest is to vote for the coach you find the most inspiring.  I mean come on, the guy wrote Bounce Back.  On top of that, Cal did the whole Hoops for Haiti thing, not to mention the help he provides to local charities in Lexington and Memphis and the countless articles that come out that make us say – Hey, this Calipari guy just ‘gets it.’ 

So do Calipari and Samaritan’s Feet a solid and head on over here to vote.  You need an ESPN user name, but surely you can take the minute or two out of your day to sign up – or relocate your password from a while back. 

As of this writing, Cal is trailing Donovan by a couple points – but you can vote once per day and what is BBN goot at if it’s not winning internet polls?  Exactly.  Now we can do our part in sticking it to Billy Donovan and the Gators today, while Cal does his part and whips them tonight. 

Leeggooo Fam.

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