Dominique Hawkins: "Everybody tells me I’m an NFL football player"

Dominique Hawkins: "Everybody tells me I’m an NFL football player"

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Dominique Hawkins took a break from John Calipari's basketball camp in Lexington on Tuesday to field questions from the media about his future in basketball... and football. Hawkins, an All-SEC Tournament honoree in his senior season at Kentucky, is still committed to pursuing a professional basketball career, but last week he tested out his football legs in a workout with the Philadelphia Eagles. “Basically, I’m just weighing out all my opportunities," Hawkins said on Tuesday. "I haven’t decided on what I really want to do yet, but I definitely want to continue with basketball so far. Just waiting for what’s going to be the best for my future.” "I definitely have a passion for basketball and I love it so much," he continued. "I really don't want to leave it. I've just given football a try to see what I can do. I went to that workout last week and they told me I did pretty well." Hawkins hasn't been on the gridiron since his senior season of high school, and he didn't even play defense back then. But he has since developed the physical makeup of an All-Pro defensive back, so teams are taking him into consideration, despite his lack of experience. "Everybody tells me I’m an NFL football player," he said. "I remember my high school coach, he wanted me to play in college. He was always telling me I’d be a top three round draft pick... But I just had so much love and passion for basketball. It grew up as my first love and I just want to continue and enjoy it.” It sounds like Hawkins is pretty committed to basketball, which will certainly land him a deal somewhere sooner than later. But wouldn't it be a cool story if a college basketball player with two Final Four appearances picked up the game of football and made it in the NFL? Whatever he does, Hawkins' athleticism and work ethic will make him a lot of money in the near future.

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