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Dominique Hawkins thought his dunk went in

[caption id="attachment_218341" align="alignnone" width="459"]© Jim Brown © Jim Brown[/caption] The most exciting play of the game was one that didn't even count. Dominique Hawkins almost had the dunk of the year in the second half, trying to cram one in over Georgia's Derek Ogbeide. https://twitter.com/Scott_Charlton/status/840287932984496128 Unfortunately, it didn't go in, which may have been a good thing because the arena would have imploded. In fact, the crowd's reaction was already so loud that Dominique actually thought it went in. "I definitely thought I had it," Dom told reporters after the game. "I thought it went in. I heard the crowd cheering for it then I looked up and I saw the score hadn't changed."  https://youtu.be/m5F2vXwY4UY So...what if he had gotten it? I went around and asked his teammates what their reaction would have been. "I don't even know," Fellow high flyer Malik Monk said. "I can't even -- I don't know. We would have been crazy. ESPN. He would be on ESPN for sure. We would all be happy, for sure." "It's Dom, Dom's the OG," Bam Adebayo said when asked if he was surprised that fans cheered a missed dunk. "Four years, everybody knows him so they're going to give him a loud roar." "Aw man, I think if he had gone off two (feet), he would have made it," De'Aaron Fox said. "Dom don't have no one-foot bounce. If it was Mychal off of one foot, he would have made it, but I think if Dom would have gone off two, he would have made it." https://youtu.be/2dbxF3mgabI Just means he's going to have to do it tomorrow, right?

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