Don't make him angry

Don't make him angry

Thomas Beisnerabout 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
There are certain things you don't do in this world. For instance, you never run with scissors. You never drop the soap. You never leave your sister alone with Matt "the ladykiller" Jones. But, most importantly, you never p*** off Rich Brooks. This is a fact that has apparently escaped those people voting in both the Associated Press and the USA Today poll and Grandpa is not too happy about his team being slighted. UK landed six votes in the AP Poll and 28 in the coaches poll, but that wasn't enough to satisfy our fearless leader, who thinks Kentucky is being treated as a second-class citizen because of its past. They way I see it, it's tough to argue the legitimacy of UK as a top-25 team right now, but certain points can be made when looking and the steaming pile of doo doo occupying the tail end of the poll. But, I tend to believe that if your best argument is the failings of others, then you've got some things to work on and this team clearly does. Let's knock out a few more wins and improve the offense before we start talking about the polls. Oh God, he's going to kill me now isn't he?

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