Dooley: "The Kentucky loss was a low point in program history."

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Similar to what Joker Phillips is facing here at Kentucky, Tennessee head coach, Derek Dooley, is facing heat from the Volunteer fans to provide a better product on the field. No matter how good you are doing, when you are the first coach to lose to Kentucky in the past 27 years a hot seat will magically appear. Dooley recognizes how devastating the loss was and thinks that his program reached an all-time low.
“At some point, we had to hit a real low point with where this program is,” Dooley said of the Volunteers’ first loss to the Wildcats since 1984, a defeat that cemented Tennessee’s second straight losing season under its second-year coach. “I hoped we wouldn’t, but it’s inevitable. You’re going to hit a bottom. It’s on the whole organization, and we’re going to begin our climb right now.”
If a "climb" involves your starting quarterback is chucking beer bottles off a balcony instead of studying game film, then yeah, climb away. [Dooley knows UT nation needs wins right away]

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