Doron Lamb in funk, largely forgotten in criticism
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Doron Lamb in funk, largely forgotten in criticism

Bryan the Internalmost 11 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
Read through the comments on this site and others following yesterday's loss to Vandy, and you will see a multitude of complaints from fans: -End of Game execution -Jones poor shot selection -Lack of Toughness -Coach Cal recruiting/coaching ability -Liggins key turnovers/technical foul But one thing I have not seen much of is criticism of Doron Lamb's play over the last 3 games.  Lamb is only averaging 7 ppg in those 3 games, while shooting 33%.  This coming from a guy averaging 14 ppg and shooting 52% on the season.  At one point this season, Lamb was the leading scorer on the team, and he has been a consistent threat and a knock-down shooter the Cats missed last year.  He was a key contributor in attempted comebacks at Alabama and Ole Miss.  And he did all of this while coming off the bench. But, the last 3 games have shown some gaps in Lamb's game.  When his jump shot is not falling, he seems to really become a non-factor offensively, passing up shots and not showing much mid-range game.  But yesterday, Lamb was a bigger problem on the defensive end of the floor, including getting burned badly off the dribble at the end of the game.  Coach Cal even pointed out Lamb in his postgame presser (below), criticizing Lamb for a lack of hustle and what he called an "AAU mentality". Certainly, with 2 home games this week, Lamb has a chance to get back into his groove, but for the first time this season, we can say that Lamb is in a slump.  And if that continues, the Cats could have the same problem this season as they did last, where a poor shooting night could be their downfall.

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