Doron Lamb visits Kentucky Children's Hospital

Doron Lamb visits Kentucky Children's Hospital

Hunter Campbellover 9 years


The departing Kentucky players have spent much of the last couple of weeks traveling the state as fans lined up for a quick word and an autograph. Doron Lamb has been a part of that, but yesterday he stepped away from the long lines and instead paid a visit to some special fans in Lexington. Lamb went to the Kentucky Children's Hospital and spent some time visiting with kids there, signing autographs, taking pictures and throwing up plenty of three goggles along the way. It's a small gesture, but one that brightened the day of a few children that are going through difficulties much tougher than those most of us face on a daily basis. Lamb, and the other Cats, have made the day of countless UK fans in their recent travels across the state. To take the time out to give that same experience to the children at the hospital is something that they will never forget, and Lamb gets an attaboy for that. WTVQ has an interview with Lamb and some video of the trip to check out at the link below: [WTVQ - Doron Lamb Visits Kentucky Children's Hospital]

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