Doug Gottlieb: "Everyone except maybe Knox should come back"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our old pal Doug Gottlieb, but after sitting near John Calipari at the Texas A&M game to do the radio broadcast, he’s got some thoughts to share on this Kentucky team. Gottlieb may come off as a troll sometimes, but he does know basketball, so this is pretty good stuff.

From his Twitter (@GottliebShow):

Sat right behind Coach Cal tonight calling the game on radio. Here is my biggest takeaways:

Cal holds guys accountable for bad shots and missed assignments. Guy messes up, he yells at him, happens again he points at him and takes him out and explains to him. Kids need this.

Cal is very aware of who is playing hard/well and who isn’t and he adjusts accordingly. Every player wants a coach to see what is really happening – he does – it just takes him a bunch of substitutions to find it. You better have confidence to play for him.

The only negatives I see are:

  • The style this team might need – diamond press/swarming zone or switching man— he doesn’t seem to truly love like a more traditional man-to-man/run and jump press.
  • Also his offense needs some updating and refining. He is used to having far superior talent – that ball needs to move, but also there needs to be more purpose for the ball movement – their stuff is super basic and gives player space and freedom… this team just isn’t good enough to score that way

He finished with this:

Hard to argue with that. For more, follow @GottliebShow.


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