Doug Gottlieb says UNC was the best team last year

John Wilmhoffabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:John WilmhoffJohn Wilmhoff


  Doug Gottlieb is in between jobs, leaving ESPN for CBS, and has had a lot of time on his hands to try to annoy UK fans think about who the "real" best team in the country was last year. I don't agree with his opinion that UNC was the best team with or without Marshall and most sane people don't agree with it, but whatever, he is entitled to it. I post the below twitter conversation not to blast his ridiculous and short-sighted opinion, but to show his response to a UK fan who made a valid point arguing against him. Gottlieb's response to the UK fan (@uksportstalk1) is once again an example of a mainstream media guy looking down at the Kentucky fan base, dismissing a fair point that was actually very logical and valid, just because it came from a UK fan. "#BBN logic" is what Gottlieb referred to the fair point that was made.  The point made I believe in the below tweet was that both teams improved, but Kentucky won earlier in the season with freshman in their first big college game and went on to improve more than UNC did, going the distance for a National Championship. It seemed like a pretty fair and reasonable argument, but Gottlieb dismissed it as "#BBN logic". Newsflash: the mainstream media have favorite teams and there are teams and fans which they hate just like the rest of us. They are in the business they're in because they are fans, too. They can be just as nonobjective as any KSR blogger or fan of any team, and this can be most evident in twitter interactions such as the one below. On a personal note, later today I am leaving Kentucky for a new adventure up at ESPN to help edit and write for the new ESPN College Football Mobile Application. I won't be around on KSR for a few weeks as I make the move to get settled into Bristol, but I may return in September if I find out that I am still able to contribute. Thank you all for reading, following on twitter, and interacting with me about UK sports. It's been a pleasure to write for and talk UK sports with the best and most knowledgeable fans in the country, no matter what Doug Gottlieb thinks. @wilmhoffKSR

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