DraftExpress weighs in on Eric Bledsoe

Hunter Campbellover 11 years


bledsoe21 As has been mentioned on these pages and many others in the time since he declared, Eric Bledsoe is the Kentucky player whose draft stock seems to hold the most questions and potential for slippage. These tweets from Draft Express (who, for my money, can be no better than the second best DX) seem to reinforce that point, or at least demonstrate that Bledsoe's status as a high draft pick - and even as an early entrant - is uncertain at the very least. [from @DraftExpress]
Eric Bledsoe is very much keeping options open regarding possibility of returning until conducts workouts & gets feedback on draft stock.  via web ... Who knows? Too many variables to account for. For sure nothing's guaranteed. RT @loverofsports Could Eric Bledsoe be a lottery pick in 2011? What if he's projected in 2nd round? To me he's years away from contributing. RT @WorldWideZo Bledsoe needs to bounce. No way he comes back. Same, but, crazy year. He won't know on May 8th. RT @WorldWideZo If he's 2nd round, then going back's an option.Everything I've heard is 1st

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