"Drake-ing Bad" is Upping Drake's Street Cred in a Major Way

S.E. Shepherdabout 8 years


Aritcle written by:S.E. ShepherdS.E. Shepherd


DrakeingBad_1 Canadian rapper/friend of UK, Drake, is having yet another pop culture moment. This time it’s not his latest single or an unannounced appearance with Coach Cal and the Wildcats that has the internet buzzing. Instead, it’s his carousing with Walter White, everyone’s favorite meth-cooking chemistry teacher. Creators Barry Schwartz and Shea Serrano stumbled onto a little piece of heaven when they started drawing Drake into scenes from “Breaking Bad." Their awesomely named “Drake-ing Bad” Tumblr is relatively new, but given some time and the seemingly endless number of iconic scenes from which to choose, there’s little doubt this could go on forever. Whether it’s rubbing elbows with Heisenberg himself or stopping by to taunt Hector Salamanca, Drake’s smiling face seems to fit perfectly in the context of America’s favorite AMC drama. DrakeingBad_2 I’m just curious to see if his UK championship ring makes a cameo. @TheSEShepherd

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