Drew and Matt talk about their favorite Super Bowl ads on Hey Kentucky!

Jack Pilgrimover 3 years


Aritcle written by:Jack PilgrimJack Pilgrim
Last night was the epic Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, where the Eagles managed to shut down a last-second Tom Brady comeback drive to take home the Lombardi Trophy. For the casual fan, however, last night was about the Super Bowl commercials. Matt and Drew broke down the five most popular advertisements from the game and what they thought about each one on Hey Kentucky! Their choices? Tide, Alexa, Michelob Ultra, Australia tourism, and the epic Eli Manning-Odell Beckham Jr. dance commercial. Check it out below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcGoAwm0558 Also, if LaVar Ball slides into your DM's, just say no: To watch the entire episode of Hey Kentucky, take a look below: https://youtu.be/-UylDp4OhVo?list=PLTzXgLtT5zhCw4MBqL10HALcvjnNBdxgX

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