Drew Barker Must Be a Leader Moving Forward

Kindsey Bernhardabout 5 years


IMG_4052 All offseason we heard about how Drew Barker has become the leader of this team. Kentucky needs Barker to be that leader more now, than ever. The "forget and move on" mentality seems to be what Barker is telling his teammates. "I just tell them we got another game next Saturday, there's not time and to sit here and sulk about it," Barker said. "Just got to take everything that happened and translate that it into next Saturday. Hopefully we'll be victorious." A loss like this is not something that will go away quietly. Barker knows the only people's opinions that matter are the ones in the locker room. "We just got to come together as unit and not really worry about those external distractions or what anyone is saying about us," Barker said. If Drew Barker really is the leader that we've all heard about, he will get his team refocused and ready for Florida. He has to.

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