Drew Barker Splitting the National and Local Recruitniks

Matt Jonesover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
drew barker Where will Drew Barker go? It is the question that rages through the Bluegrass for what may be one of the most anticipated recruiting announcements since Micah Johnson. Barker has generally kept people guessing but a firm divide is growing between national writers (who think South Carolina) and Ky writers (who think Kentucky). Now you might dismiss this divide by simply saying "the homer Kentucky writers are picking Kentucky because it is the home school." And usually you might be correct. But in this case, Barker is from the state of the home school and many of the writers are well connected to people in his area. In fact, I can't find anyone in the state of Kentucky, including my contacts in the Northern Kentucky area, who doesn't think that Barker will pick the Big Blue. Yet most of the national writers (including all five of 24/7 Sports "Crystal Ball" prognosticators) think South Carolina is the pick. Bill King of the Rivals.com network says it is done and the Gamecocks will be the selection, and the confidence is there for everyone who calls recruiting a job. So who will be right? It is hard for me to see Barker inviting the general public to the ceremony and picking South Carolina. If he were going to go against the hometown team, why not just invite friends, family or even his student body...but the whole school? That seems like an odd choice. So I will go with Kentucky as well...but if we are right, it will be with a decidedly local flavor...Kentucky media versus the world at the Barker Pigskin Summit. The winner will be crowned Friday at 3:30 pm.

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