Drew Franklin Completes Comeback, Wins 2010 KSR Favorite Blogger!

Drew Franklin Completes Comeback, Wins 2010 KSR Favorite Blogger!

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drewfranklin Final Results (11,801 votes total) Drew Franklin: 3,591 (30%) Matt Jones: 3,385 (29%) Beisner: 1,898 (16%) Tyler Thompson: 971 (8%) BTI: 688 (6%) Kate Martin: 656 (6%) Will Lentz: 215 (2%) Dustin Rumbaugh: 150 (1%) Patrick Barker: 94 (1%) Hunter Campbell: 71 (1%) Christopher Johns: 62 (1%) Maybe it was his last minute trip to the NCAA, his bushy eyebrows, or his mythical night with a mini-horse (above), the KSR nation spoke, and they have re-elected Drew Franklin as their 2010 KSR Favorite Blogger.  Drew becomes the first person to win the award in back to back years, in the closest vote in contest history.  After a very slow start that saw Matt Jones jump out to a huge lead, Drew's fans voted in high numbers over the last 4 days, pushing him ahead at the last minute. When contacted by phone in Lafayette, IN, Matt was quoted as saying "KSR?  As long as I win the CBS Popularity poll, I am good." Here is your 2010 KSR Favorite Blogger's acceptance speech: "First off, thanks to everyone for voting.  This year's contest saw more participation than a Samantha Ryan boo cake party.  11,801 is a ridiculous amount of voters and we appreciate everyone playing along (even though 70% of you have poor taste.)  I still don't know what comes with the title of being KSR Blogger of the Year (nothing happened last year) but if anyone wants to PayPal me a couple grand, I'll appreciate it.  If not, I'll still keep on making fun of Louisville and misspelling words to the best of my ability. Thanks to Beisner for talking me into joining KSR a year and half ago, and for doing all of the work.  Thanks to Matt and Hubby for the opportunity and the 5-figure salary (both sides of the decimal included.)  Thanks to Louisville and Tennessee for being so easy to make fun of.  Thanks to Rick Pitino for being even easier to make fun of.  Thanks to my pen pal, the University of South Carolina.  Thanks again to Rick Pitino.  Thanks to Samantha Ryan, I love you, baby. Thanks to Ho Grant, I know he's looking down and he's smiling. And, most of all, thanks to all the KSR readers. And now that it's over, who voted for BTI?  No, seriously, own up to it."

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