Duke Basketball has Always Been Too Legit To Quit

Duke Basketball has Always Been Too Legit To Quit

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
I have always had a special spark of dislike for Dukie Chris Collins. There are a number of basis for this feeling, but in a nutshell it is the combination of a famous father making you overhyped, one of the two living embodiments of the "floor slapping" variety of Duke basketball players (along with fellow assistant coach Wojo), his status as the main player on the pathetic Coach K "backache" teams and the fact that while I was at Duke I saw him everywhere and he always had that "Steve Masiello I am too cool for school" look on his face. And things only got worse when he became an assistant coach with the Blue Devils as I got to watch him sit next to the glorious emperor as he became the Fredo to Coach K's Don Corleone. Thus when I heard about the video below, I got really happy. It is Chris Collins and his high school teammates as they release a video collection of highlights/dance moves to the sounds of MC Hammer's "Two Legit to Quit." For those that have forgotten the original video, it contained a number of famous athletes, including the then popular "Run TMC" of Golden State, providing Chris Mullen's only appearance in a rap video that I know of. As you watch this, ask yourself.....is this why the stereotype, which Mark Madsen, Pat Riley and an intoxicated Hubby have tried to dispel, that white men cant dance, began?

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